Natalie: I am all for the child leash.
Dan: I am all for the wife leash.
Kelly: You have to have a wife first.
Dan: I better start looking for one.
Kelly: Yea you better...zing!

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Thank you so much to everyone who was able to come out for the wedding! We had a great time and hope you did, too. Photos from the wedding are posted on the "Photos" page. Thank you so much!!!!!

with love,

Kelly and Dan [a.k.a. Mr. & Mrs. Kelly Williams - ha!]

The Wedding Day

June 7, 2008

Our Story

How we met:

Kelly’s Version – 

I moved back to Santa Fe from Hawaii in the summer of 2003 and by the fall was looking for something theatrical to do. A friend of mine in Albuquerque sent me the link to a new group called Gorilla Tango Theatre, who was auditioning for improvisers. I sent out my headshot and resume and scheduled an audition appointment. While auditioning I remember thinking that the guy running the thing was pretty cute. I got cast in the troupe of improvisers, and started to get to know this fellow named Dan. Being kind of shy, I didn’t really ‘put the flirt on’ until the evening of the GTT Christmas party where I made it a point to actually talk to him one-on-one. Shortly after that we arranged a time for him to come up to Santa Fe so I could 'show him around.' Being a girl, I didn’t understand whether this meant he was interested in me or if he just wanted to see Santa Fe. Shyam, Benj, Nick and Colin – some guy friends who were in town at the time – interpreted for me, assuring me it meant the former. Well, obviously, they were right. 

Dan’s Version – 

My first communication with Kelly was via email: she contacted me for an audition appointment and was asking a bunch of questions about GTT and the Improviser auditions in Albuquerque. My initial thought was "This know-it-all knuckle head up in Santa Fe isn't going to make the weekly commitment to drive down to Albuquerque for rehearsals." However, I humored her and gave her an appointment anyway. Surprisingly, she was an accomplished improviser, and both Mickey and I were impressed with her skill. She was immediately put on the list of improvisers to callback - as well as the list of girl auditionees that we thought were cute. Jumping forward to the X-mas party, I hadn't really talked to Kelly other than in rehearsal until that night. I did notice that she was really chatting me up, but being completely oblivious - as I commonly am with the ladies - I wasn't sure what that meant. I assumed she was just being chatty. My non-girlfriend friend Seana insisted that I contact Kelly for a date. Being the non-date-asking type, I elected to make things much more confusing by saying to Kelly that I wanted to see Santa Fe (a clever ruse if you ask me). Anyway, it wasn't long until I was seeing moooore than Santa Fe....actually it was a while, I'm kind of uptight. 


Here’s the email we sent out immediately after our engagement:

Dear all, 

Some of you have heard about this, but some of you haven't - I figured email is a quick and easy way to get the word out! 

Dan and I got engaged this past Monday, 5/7/07. It wasn't a total surprise, as we had talked about getting married in the past, but I didn't expect it just then. :) A little more than a month prior he had been asking me mysteriously about my ring size, however as nothing immediately came of it, i sort of forgot about it. Turns out the little devil was getting a ring made. 

So here's how it went down, for all of those interested in the details:

We normally take a little time each Monday to relax since we are generally quite busy on the weekends with the theatre. Our plan was to go downtown, find a hotdog place to eat (how romantic!), and then make our way to the Shedd Aquarium. We took the train down, got off down in the loop (at Clark/Lake for those of you familiar with your Chicago topography), and walked towards the lake. After eating lunch at Max's Hotdog Stand (highly recommended - Adams and Wabash right by the Art Institute), we then started walking through Grant Park to get to the Aquarium. We headed for Buckingham Fountain - the big fountain in the title sequence of Married With Children. It wasn't on yet, but had water in it, so we stopped and watched the seagulls bathe themselves. After a little bit, I suggested we 'head to the Shedd'. Dan said, okay in a minute, and then he said something to the effect of (I don't quite remember) 'You know, I've been thinking we should get married.' As I mentioned above, we've talked about this before so I thought he was just being conversational and responded, 'Yeah, sure. Sounds like a plan.' He then said something like, 'No, I mean I have a ring and everything.' I think my response was, 'Shut up.' Then I got all excited and he got all bashful and he brought out the ring and put it on me and then we called our folks and some friends to arrange for an impromptu engagement get-together that evening. And then we went to the Shedd. :)



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