7 Lbs +/-
16" Long +/-
4" Diameter
100% beef and pork
40 servings per dog
Invented in Chicago, IL USA

How Many:
Big Hot Dog - Kit

Kit Includes:
1 x Big Hot Dog
1 x Big Bun
1 x Ketchup
1 x Mustard
1 x Relish
Currently out of inventory, check back again soon. They are only available in limited quantities so you got to be fast!
"World's Largest Hot Dog"

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Today pick up your copy of Inception on Blu Ray. No, you wont' see any Big Ass Hot Dogs in the movie but you will however own a pretty sweet film packed with bonus features!
Makes a great stocking stuffer - much like our Big Hot dogs and Big Brats! But if you do purchase these meats for some loved ones this Christmas, be sure to keep it refrigerated until said day!

Duane Kim Baldwin
2010-12-07 13:54:45


From Big Hot Dog and Big Ass Hot Dog, we would like to wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving. Stuff your faces! Take a nap! Watch some football! And if you're brave enough to head on out during Black Friday...Godspeed.

Duane Kim Baldwin
2010-11-24 08:35:27


Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows opens this weekend. The first of this series came out in 1999 I think...I was a freshman in High School...This is the only one I saw because a girl I liked wanted to see it so of course, I bought her a ticket and sat through it. Obviously it didn't work out between me and her because I haven't seen the past 6 movies. But I feel the excitement of all the fans! It's remarkable how much of an impact the series have had on people. Is the Harry Potter series a bigger franchise than Star Wars? Only time will tell but I think it's safe to say that the world loves magic and battling nose-less men...or Jaba the Hut.
In other Chicago news - The Bears are good but they are without doubt the most boring team to watch ever. I'd much rather watch a Big Ass Hot Dog being cooked in one of those rotators you see at the movie theatrs...Speaking of, I'll probably get a hot dog while at the theatres tonight! Have a MAGICAL weekend!

Duane Kim Baldwin
2010-11-19 11:26:39

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