7 Lbs +/-
16" Long +/-
4" Diameter
100% beef and pork
40 servings per dog
Invented in Chicago, IL USA

How Many:
Big Hot Dog - Kit

Kit Includes:
1 x Big Hot Dog
1 x Big Bun
1 x Ketchup
1 x Mustard
1 x Relish
Currently out of inventory, check back again soon. They are only available in limited quantities so you got to be fast!
"World's Largest Hot Dog"

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*** Happy Valentines Day!!! ***

Here at the Big Hot Dog headquarters we're fans of heart shaped chocolates, pink balloons, and candy hearts that taste like medicine...
Just kidding, we don't like any of those things as gifts. Around here meat is king and what a better way to say "I love you" to that special someone than a 7lb hot dog?! If it's the shape that bothers you we have a simple solution - heart shaped cookie cutters...
Heart shaped 'tube steak' might possibly be the most romantic dinner you've ever prepared for yourself and that special someone. ORDER TODAY!

Duane Kim Baldwin
2011-02-14 13:13:10


It's that time of year when the best NFL teams continue to play while the losers pack up their pads and helmets wishing that they could compete on the biggest sports stage in America. We have a couple weeks up until the big game but these next playoff games are going to be nothing short of exciting. GO BEARS!!!
So what kind of hot dog recipe should we feature this week? The Chicago Dog obviously!
Slice your Big Hot Dog patty, grill that up and top with all of the above. Tastes like Victory doesn't it? BEAR DOWN!

Duane Kim Baldwin
2011-01-18 09:12:07

*** Hot Diggity Dog 2011!!! ***

This is the first entry for Big Hot Dog/Big Ass Hot Dog in the new year. We are excited as ever to share our famous Big Hot Dog with all of you and your friends and family! With that being said, we know that a Hot Dog is only a Hot Dog if you treat it that way. We tend to think outside of the box at the Big Hot Dog office and see many possibilities for great recipes using the Big Hot Dog as the main ingredient. Now that the Super Bowl is upon us (Go Bears!) we'd like your input on a unique Big Hot Dog recipe.
E-mail us your best recipe and we'll give them a try ourselves before the big game and we'll pick a winner! Start cooking!

Duane Kim Baldwin
2011-01-10 11:43:51

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