7 Lbs +/-
16" Long +/-
4" Diameter
100% beef and pork
40 servings per dog
Invented in Chicago, IL USA

How Many:
Big Hot Dog - Kit

Kit Includes:
1 x Big Hot Dog
1 x Big Bun
1 x Ketchup
1 x Mustard
1 x Relish
Currently out of inventory, check back again soon. They are only available in limited quantities so you got to be fast!
"World's Largest Hot Dog"

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*** The Hangover 2 - No more Gibson ***

Todd Phillips, the director of The Hangover 2, was interested in bringing Mel Gibson in for a cameo appearance. This would be much like the surprise cameo by Mike Tyson in the first installment of The Hangover.
Todd Phillips recently told the media that Mel Gibson would in fact NOT be in the second movie in spite of his efforts because a lot of the cast and crew did not want Gibson involved.
Has Mel Gibson thrown his career away? Will he be able to get an acting job again or will no one want to work with him? Maybe even a little something to get his feet wet like 'What Woman Want 2'? Maybe in ten years Mel will be able to redeem himself in some way but for now, Todd Phillips is the only one willing to take a chance on him.

Duane Kim Baldwin
2010-10-22 11:14:55

*** Hot Trends in Rock-Tober ***

Happy Monday everyone. Hope your weekend was filled with your favorite football teams winning and possibly drunk fueled nights. The hot topics around the Chicago area seem to be about the Stanley Cup Champions, The Chicago Black Hawks. Since I am from Detroit (Hockeytown, USA) I can't speak about the Black Hawks. I'll have to move on to something else and just be bitter about the topic for at least another year.
Halloween is just around the corner and I have yet to pick out a costume. My girlfriend is pretty set on us teaming up and having her dress up as John Lennon as I would dress up (because I am from Asian decent) Yoko Ono. Pretty funny duo costume I must say, but if we were apart for part of the night I would be just another dude dressed as a woman right? I'll have to write down a list of pros and cons for this one.
Michigan State University (proud Alumni) is ranked in the top ten on both the BCS and AP Polls this week. They are rolling into Evanston this coming weekend and I'll be there sporting my Green and White. I just hope MSU doesn't choke as they usually do when ranked so high.
At the box office this past weekend Jackass: 3D brought in about $50 million! I didn't get the chance to see it but I'm willing to go. There is something about it that I find ridiculous but also entertaining at the same time. There is a scene where they use a high definition camera to smack a guy in the face with a fish. The slow motion effect is astounding! I wish they would have hit him in the face with a Big Hot Dog or a Big Bratwurst!
Until next time, stay cool, and stay hungry!

Duane Kim Baldwin
2010-10-18 12:27:08

*** Chilean Meat Hole ***

Over the past twenty four hours the Chilean minors that were stuck in their respective coal mines have been rescued. It's great to see them able to breathe in fresh air after being stuck down there for over sixty days!
I read that everything was being passed through a tiny hole to the miners while they were trapped down there. This got me thinking, what would you want for dinner that could fit through such a hole? I figure anything can be put down there - submarine sandwiches, beef brisket, corn on the cob, and maybe even bottles of wine. Our Big Hot Dog would be able to easily fit down a small hole and feed the minors for weeks! Why weren't we called?
From the videos that I saw posted they seemed to be in high spirits the entire time. I'm thankful that they were all rescued safely.

Duane Kim Baldwin
2010-10-13 10:43:26

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